Singer/songwriter Enok Amrani from Porsgrunn | Hotell Vic
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Singer/songwriter Enok Amrani from Porsgrunn

Singer/songwriter Enok Amrani from Porsgrunn moves in a borderland in terms of genre, with elements from folk, soul, rock and country.
The lyrics are melancholic with a focus on simple, strong and recognizable melodies. Enok’s music has garnered a lot of good feedback, and several of his releases have been noticed by reviewers and radio stations outside Norway’s borders.

Hotell Vic is an old venerable hotel located in the heart of the center of Porsgrunn. There has been a hotel here since 1890, and the hotel has been modernized through several eras.

Today, the hotel appears new and modern, with homely surroundings. The hotel is specially adapted for long-term residents who appreciate the free evening buffet and a pleasant atmosphere. In the middle of the hotel, we also have a lovely back garden which is a hidden oasis in the middle of Storgata in Porsgrunn. Surely not everyone knows Vic Hagen, and we are now thinking of doing something about that. On Thursday 10 August, Enok Amrani will come and play for us, and we hope that you will want to come this evening to experience Vic Hagen on a magical evening in special surroundings.

The doors open at 6.30pm and you are most welcome to enjoy the back garden with good friends and something good in the glass before the concert. It will be possible to buy red and white wine by the glass, beer and bottled mineral water as well as nuts and chips.

The concert starts at around 8pm.
Welcome to an unforgettable summer evening in Vic hagen
Enok Amrani in VicHagen
Thursday 10 August 2023
Age limit 18 years
The doors open at 18.30
Concert starts at 20:00
Tickets NOK 250 at Tikkio or Vipps #629317
Limited number of tickets